State Environmental
Leaders Conference

Stay Tuned for Information on the
Next Conference

This 2019 State Environmental Leaders Conference was a huge success and we are currently making plans for the next event. Please feel free to browse this site for information about our last event, including the agenda, presenters, and more. More information will be added about future conferences shortly. 

Meet the Presenters

Angela Park

AP Consulting

Vote Solar

Thad Culley

Jessi Johnson

Spitfire Strategies

Midy Aponte

Wyoming Wildlife Federation


About the conference

Learn more about where the conference has been for the past 32 years.


View the draft agenda to find out more about the conference.


Detailed session descriptions will help you decide where to go.


Read what previous attendees had to say about the event.

Meet us in Denver

Hilton Garden Inn

Denver Downtown 

1400 Welton St, Denver, CO 80202


2019 Sponsors To-Date

  • Carina Barnett-Loro (Climate Advocacy Lab) 

  • Zach Cockrum (National Wildlife Federation)

  • Pete Didisheim (Natural Resources Council of Maine)

  • Kate Fulbright (North Carolina Conservation Network)

  • Alan Hancock (Coastal Conservation League)

  • Peter Iwanowicz (Environmental Advocates of New York)

  • Kristin Jackson (Natural Resources Council of Maine)

  • Jessi Johnson (Wyoming Wildlife Federation)

  • Renee Larrarte (Conservation Colorado)

  • Will Marsh (Natural Resources Defense Council) 

  • Jeff Mauk (National Caucus of Environmental Legislators)

  • Dylan McDowell (National Caucus of Environmental Legislators)

  • Robin Schneider (Texas Campaign for the Environment)

  • Scott Strand (Environmental Law & Policy Center)

  • Emmie Theberge (Natural Resources Council of Maine)

  • Gabe Vasquez (The Wilderness Society/New Mexico)

Conference Planning Committee