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Words from Past Attendees

Jamie Dawson,
Oregon Wild

This conference was an incredible experience, both professionally and personally. It provided an unparalleled opportunity to debrief, network, and strategize with other folks doing this good work. I look forward to attending for years to come!

Peter Walz,
NC Conservation Network

The State Environmental Leaders Conference is one of the few opportunities where I meet staff from similar sized state organizations who are doing work similar to my own. It's incredibly valuable to trade stories, hear successes/failures, and learn from top minds about how to innovate and succeed in our state level campaigns for the environment.

Ellie Ezekiel,

Delaware Nature Society

The conference was an incredibly valuable experience that connected people across the country to discuss the progress of the environmental movement. I am brand new to the environmental advocacy world and I gleaned so many valuable lessons from this conference, and now feel more prepared to hit the ground running in my own region.

Aaron Klemz,
MN Center for Environmental Advocacy

This is the best chance to learn from colleagues working on environmental issues in all of the states about what works best to make an impact.

John Sheehan,

Adirondack Council

Regardless of the topics, I come away from this conference with good ideas and renewed enthusiasm for my organization's work. I learn a lot and these folks are just fun. 

Jackie Rollins,
Environmental Coalition of Mississippi

This is the only conference I attend each year.  The networking and learning of the victories and failures of member organizations benefits all groups, large and small.  The training is exceptional. 

Elizabeth Fedorchuk, Michigian Environmental Council

I had the impression this conference was primarily for executive directors, so I wasn't sure how applicable the content would be for me. As a communications manager, I found it tremendously inspiring; with plenty of ideas and tools I could bring back to my organization.  Thanks for creating such a welcoming atmosphere and vibrant program!

Whitney Clapper,

The thought-leaders that you all brought together were outstanding.  I met many groups that I hope will be new to Patagonia grantees, and was also able to catch up with a few of our current grantees, which is always nice to do.

Audrey Wheeler,

Conservation Colorado

The State Environmental Leaders conference was an excellent opportunity to meet people from across the country doing similar work. I loved sharing ideas, success stories, and gripes with the community at the conference, and feeling inspired to get back to work the following week.

Robin Schneider, 

Texas Campaign for the Environment

This was my organization's first time participating and I wish we had been participating in past decades. It was a great opportunity to learn from other groups like mine and from national environmental experts and consultants.

Matt Steffen,
Illinois Environmental Council

The State Environmental Leadership Conference is the best conference for state-based environmental organizations. The sessions are always excellent, striking a good balance between digging into policies and issues, and running an effective organization. I regularly recommend this conference to colleagues.

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